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When Dr. Vodder first started treating the lymphatic system he was prompted by the observation of oily congested and acne prone skin in his patients seeking relief from head colds. Concluding that the blockages in the lymph pathways of the head and neck were the culprit of his patient’s symptoms, he began treating the lymph nodes of the neck and face. He envisioned the lymph of the affected areas flowing freely through the lymph nodes, cleansing the interstitial spaces and improving the overall tissue health of the face and neck. By removing built up wastes he not only noticed improvement in his patient’s cold symptoms, but that their skin was clearing up as well. Soon after, Manual Lymphatic Drainage was taught to estheticians around the world and has been used ever since as an effective tool for healing acne and other skin conditions.

Using gentle, rhythmic, circular motions to stretch and release the skin, the lymphatic vessels are gently opened and closed allowing more interstitial fluid to enter the lymphatic system to be cleared away and cleansed through the lymph nodes. Because the initial lymphatic vessels lay very superficially in the skin, the skin is the first tissue to benefit from the decongestive nature of Manual Lymphatic Drainage, making it the perfect manual therapy to treat many skin conditions.

~ Jana

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