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There is no doubt that anyone undergoing cosmetic surgery wants to heal as quickly and efficiently as possible with the very best surgical outcome. It has been medically proven that receiving regular manual lymphatic drainage following plastic surgery shortens the rate of recovery and optimizes results. The typical post-operative side effects of cosmetic surgery can be significantly reduced with Manual Lymphatic Drainage.

Improved healing times are facilitated with Manual Lymphatic Drainage by accelerating the reduction of bruising as well as reduction of post operative edema, therefore shortening the amount of time for tissue to return to a state of optimal health. Healed bruising and reduced swelling also result in pain reduction while risk of infection is reduced by removing stagnant lymphatic fluid. Because Manual Lymphatic Drainage is an effective tool for pain relief and edema reduction, patients are assisted in returning to their daily life with less downtime and less need for pain medications.

Tissue health is improved by increasing the rate of lymphatic return from the surgical site, removing inflammatory cells and debris. Scar tissue formation is minimized by reducing edema present below incisions. Increasing lymphatic drainage from the area is effective for healthy scar formation, by removing stagnant lymphatic fluid from the surgical site, fibrosis (hardening) is drastically reduced and any areas of adhesion can be addressed and treated accordingly improving comfort as well as optimizing appearances.

The benefits of Manual Lymphatic Drainage to cosmetic surgery patients are well worth the investment.

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