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The first time that I ever experienced a sinus infection I was completely blown away by just how painful it was! I had no clue what was happening or why, but it felt like I’d been punched right in the face. So. Much. Pressure.

Ironically it happened while I was away in Victoria at my first Dr. Vodder course and there I learned how MLD could be useful for people suffering from chronic sinusitis. First let me say that I am very lucky to not be in the category of someone who copes with chronic sinus infections, I can only imagine how uncomfortable it would be to deal with them on a regular basis.

For those of you struggling with recurrent sinus infections (as well as chronic ear, nose and throat infections), I would really recommend a regular course of manual lymphatic drainage massage. It’s important to note that MLD is NOT recommended in an acute stage of sinus infection (or any acute infection), it is however, indicated in chronic stages and/or after 2-3 days of antibiotics. Lymph drainage to the neck and face helps to decongest the painful swelling in the sinus mucous membranes and nasal cavity and it also increases the rate at which pathogens are filtered through the lymph nodes in the neck. MLD is a relaxing, gentle and non-invasive treatment option that has widespread applications for people suffering from chronic ear nose and throat troubles.